Side by side milking parlour

Board lift side by side milking parlour

With this type of side by side milking parlour the complete front of the parlour is pulled upwards so all the goats can leave the milking parlour simultaneously. The very robust construction is built in segments for about ten goat places, so there are few places on the floor. It is also possible to assemble food bowls. Control panels are mounted every four meters.

Features of this system:

  • Very robust construction
  • Texas entrance fences
  • Intermediate doors without spring (no maintenance)
  • Floating construction (quick to clean)
  • Pneumatinc fence

Options for the goat milking parlour:

  • Stainless steel pit edges
  • Lighting system
  • Adjustable floor in the milk pit

Locking fence

A simple locking fence is available for the small and/or starting dairy goat farmers. Herefore we have available the self locking command feeding fence and pen fence.

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