Vacuum systems

Dutchlac uses a special developed buffer humidity separator so no dirt or damp comes into the vacuum pump. The mil-air separator and the pulsation system will be connected by separate vacuum tubes to the buffer separator. The Dutchlac double vacuum system. This way the milk vacuum is very stable and will take care of a better health of the udder.

Dutchlac has both oil-lubricated vacuum pumps as the Busch Mink vacuum pump. For larger milking parlour and long milking times we always choose the Busch Mink vacuum pump.

Oil and contact free operation

Mink claw vacuum pumps have been specially developed for applications where a constant vacuum, a high suction capacity and a complete oil free compression are essential. The claw vacuum pumps work without any contact; no oil or liquids are required during compression.


Klauwen vacuumpompen Vacuumpompen


Thanks to advanced claw technology, Mink claws vacuum pumps are extremely efficient. This technology ensures lower energy consumption and better performance. The vacuum pumps require very little maintenance. In practice, this means around 60% lower energy and operating costs compared to conventional vacuum pumps.

Frequency controller

In order to save even more energy during milking, a frequency controller can be installed together with the Busch Mink vacuum pump. With this frequency controller the capacity of the pumps is constantly adapted to the vacuum that is required. An additional advantage: the pump becomes almost silent during milking and the life of the pump will be extended.

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