Milk reception and milk pumps

Melkontvangsten en pompenThe milk reception is an important part of the milking installation. This ensures that the milk and air are separated and the vacuum remains stable. The Dutchlac vertical stainless steel milk receptions have a large capacity and an overflow protection with a low maintenance non return valve.


Plate coolers

PlatenkoelersThe milk should be cooled to around 4°C as quickly as possible. At large farms the cooling capacity is often not large enough and it will take too long for the milk to cool down. It is wise to pre-cool the milk by means of a plate cooler. With a plate cooler the milk can be cooled with ground water. This water can again be used as drinking water for the cattle. Dutchlac has an extensive program with plate coolers in different capacities. We also provide storage vessels and systems to transport the heated water to the cattle. An frequency controlled milk pump can be selected as an option. This significantly reduces the milk pump capacity in order to create a better heat transfer. The milk pump does provide the maximum capacity during cleaning.

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